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Will Writing Services | Writing and drafting a will UAE
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Will Writing Services | Writing and drafting a will UAE

What is a will?

A Will is a document written by a living person that specifies his or her wishes to be carried out after death. However, this is a difficult assignment because the person who writes the Will will not be alive to explain his or her intentions.

After the writer's liabilities have been discharged, a Will specifies what and how the writer's assets will be divided. A testator is a person who writes a will. 

Elements of a will

1. You must be at least 18 years old to draught a will, also known as a testator.

2. You must have testamentary capacity, which means you must state in writing that you are of sound mind and that you are drafting the will on your own initiative.

3. You must include a statement declaring the paper to be your will.

4. It is necessary to appoint an executor.

5. At least one provision naming a personal guardian for a minor child and/or at least one provision allocating your estate must be included in the agreement.

6. If the will is not written in your handwriting (i.e., typed), you must sign it and have it witnessed by two witnesses who are not beneficiaries and who witnessed you signing the will.

How to write a will?

To begin preparing a will, make a list of your assets and debts. Include the contents of safe deposit boxes, family heirlooms, and any other assets you want to give to a specific person or entity. If you want to give certain personal goods to specific heirs, make a list of such distributions to include in your will later.

Do you need a lawyer to write a will

A lawyer can provide you with an unbiased and objective opinion on how to handle your estate and the procedures you must follow. Your lawyer may be able to:

  1. Ensure that your will is properly drawn up, signed, and witnessed in accordance with legal requirements.
  2. Ensure beneficiaries are cared for, for example, by establishing a trust.
  3. Ensure that your wishes are represented clearly in your will, and that the will is appropriate for your condition and circumstances.
  4. Carry out a thorough review of your assets, including those that are not affected by your will (such as jointly owned assets, discretionary trusts established during your lifetime, superannuation, private corporations, and guardianships), and advise you on how to handle them.
  5. Whether or if your will could be challenged, and how you can avoid or lessen the possibilities of this happening.
  6. Whether you are eligible to make a claim against an estate and the likelihood of success;
  7. Advise executors on their duty under a will and under the law; pursue a claim on your behalf; advise on the function of an administrator; advocate your interests in any court proceedings;

What if there is no will?

  1. You don't have any say in how your assets are distributed.
  2. Intestacy regulations may not be in your favour.
  3. Your spouse may be forced to sell the family home to pay a portion of the inheritance to your children.
  4. You have no say in who is appointed as your children's guardian.
  5. You may not be able to provide financial security for your children or grandchildren.
  6. It's possible that partners, stepchildren, friends, and favorite organizations will be left out.
  7. The assets of incapacitated members of your family may be jeopardized.
  8. It's possible that your estate will be administered by someone you didn't choose.
  9. It's possible that your estate won't be handled in the most tax-efficient way possible.


Will writing services in Dubai

MAGAS services offers legal managed services in UAE and specializes in will drafting. Will drafting services are also available in Sharjah and other regions of the UAE. We have a staff of experts in this field as well as other areas of law. We can assist you in drafting and registering your own will.

We offer all types of will writing services such as simple will writing, Testamentary Trust Will writing services, Joint Will writing services, Living Will writing services. One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family is to write a will. Wills can not only legally protect your family, but they can also specify how you want your affairs to be handled when you die away. We will assist you in determining which Wills are suitable for your specific scenario as part of our will writing services.


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