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Who are We?

MAGAS is an online destination that is dedicated to solve the biggest challenges in Lead Generation and Service Delivery. MAGAS connects with businesses and professionals across various geographies and industries who can fulfill your business needs with cost-effective solutions arising from shared economy and idle resources. It delivers services at an affordable price to empower Entrepreneurs, Startups, SME’s, etc. We are a platform where businesses & professionals find their eco-system to get support and grow.

We defined the concept “SERVICE MEDIA”

“Service Media means intellectual property created based on mediums of mass communication such as Internet, Mobile, Television, Radio, etc. which enables Lead Generation and Delivery of Services involving Humans and Technology”.

Service Media is More Work and Less Talk unlike Social Media where it’s the opposite.

MAGAS is proud to hold the global copyrights to the concept of “Service Media Platforms”.



Its Service Media not Social Media


Service Media


Social Media

Dedicated to Business & Professionals


Open for all

Moderated Content


Is it Fake?

Qualified Leads


Time Wasters

Guarantees Service Delivery


Trial and Error

Cost Effective Solutions


It’s your Luck

Creates Services Eco-System


Mix Bag

Quality of Users


People are Numbers

Associate & Earn


Feed the Giants


 What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to support businesses when they need support. We provide handholding support until businesses stand on their own. We believe small ideas can make big difference if they get the right support at the right time. We create an ecosystem to help businesses sustain and benefit from us.

“Others will look at you only when you sail, until then it’s just YOU…. and MAGAS”. 

MAGAS Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & Competitive Edge:


  • Platform which integrates and creates a B2B Hub and Service Eco-system.
  • Find the best Professionals, SME’s, Service Providers under One Roof.
  • Hire on Project Basis without a need to recruit or just Outsource.
  • Channel for cost-effective Specialized Services which are rare and difficult to find.
  • Wide variety of payment solutions to free your cash flow to ‘PAY AS YOU GO’.
  • Cutting Edge Technology integration to ease process and Promote your business.
  • Hub for latest Updates, Insights, Opinions, etc.


Operating Model



MAGAS invites investors who are willing to invest in great ideas at an early stage. We believe that a good investor support can foster bright ideas. Our mission is to build an eco system needed to boost startups thus supporting them to grow entrepreneurial culture in the region. Filtering the best opportunities and support them to grow is our objective.



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