Business Advisory


The experienced Business Advisers at MAGAS offer the following coaching services to help your business grow…

MAGAS has the knowledge to make sure you understand the significance of your business by briefing you on what has happened, what is happening and what might happen. Our Business Advisory Services consist of many benefits…

  • Cost-effective and systematic composition of financial and non-financial particulars on a timely basis
  • Cash Flow – Monitoring and Projecting
  • Providing appropriate and relevant information, business advice and guidance based on various factors
  • Financial reports, Tax Returns, and VAT to be managed on a timely basis
  • Convenient access to perform the analysis
  • Effective access to multiple services to support your business’s broader needs

Business Advisory is a necessary step whether you are planning to start your business or currently running one. It includes bona fide operations, presiding on growth, and examining or scrutinizing your capital raise.

Let us help your business grow, by listening to your ideations first and implementing tried and tested plans in place. For more details, connect with us by clicking here.