Business Plan Writing


MAGAS assists many small to medium-sized businesses in the MENA Countries. Allow us to know your business and help you succeed in your missions with business plan writing, cash flow forecasting, and budgeting.

When the right business plan is created, the first step to your staircase of success is already taken. The experts at MAGAS focus on developing a sturdy roadmap that is specifically customized as per your business and industry. Whether you are looking to start a new venture or about to restructure your current business, we have the experience to curate highly-effective business plans.

MAGAS specializes in assisting Business Plans for multiple purposes…

  • Business Plans for Start-ups
    When you are looking to start your business from scratch, we will not only help you with a guide to work but also will provide you with access to understand and analyze the risks. The accountants at MAGAS will guide you to study the business costs and its functional costs. We will help you to determine the growth of your business by helping you understand the market before you become fully committed.
  • Financial Business Plans
    A business plan is to be taken into formation by most of the financial institutes when applying for finance is considered. This enables firmness, growth and risk management. We perceive the significance of funding which is often expected to be quick and punctual and assure that all the essential information is documented.
  • To attain Investor Funds - Business Plans
    Investors demand a business plan that assists them with an understanding of the solidity, functionality and risk managing modules of your business. Business valuation is then taken into consideration by the investors to study the business plan. Hence, it is essential to consider the business planning strategy for the investors to examine your stability and growth better.

What does MAGAS include in the Business Plan Strategy?

Our experts customize the business plan as per your needs and industry. Our key focus areas include:

  • Brand/Business Insights
  • Market Research
  • Target Consumer Analysis
  • Industry Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Planning strategy

Our business plans are designed to stick to the value and exciting missions that your business represents. We offer a one-to-one service for business plan writing, with well-skilled writers capable of crafting your unique goal. Don’t just settle for second best in making your business plan a reality, find out how MAGAS can take you from paper to practice. Reach out to us, by clicking here.