We believe that our role as Accountants, Auditors and Advisers is to help our clients think and act long term for their business growth.

Even though annual audits are not statutory, it still has the potential to provide with a wide range of significant advantages. A financial statement audit can assist your business with an in-depth analysis of the financial status and along with it, it will give a good indicator of its performance. By strengthening the credibility of your business, a right outsourced Audit service can help to create a clearer picture of how the capital can be sustained and managed.

At MAGAS, we study your financial statements and showcase you with an independent report as to whether the status is accurate, complete or relevantly presented. The most essential outcome of our auditing service is the report we create along with recommendations that help you with the best opinion on the quality of decision making, businesses risk management process and the internal controls.

Our Approach

  • A focus on studying and understanding your business activities
  • We focus on risks generated by business activities
  • Constant, timely and appropriate dialogue

Our structure depends on the scope of work of your business. We have it detailed as follows…

Internal Audit: This includes Monitoring, analyzing and assessing the risks and controls of the organization

External Audit: This includes auditing of the books of accounts and preparation of the audited financial statements

Our ideology is to provide a peculiar audit service in an economical and well-organized manner to every client; be it a small or large business. With the immense knowledge and experience gained, we understand that every business is unique and has discrete priorities and we customize our service delivery to meet individual client needs.

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