Feasibility Studies


Market research studies that allocate the appropriate assessment of the growth of any new venture is termed as Feasibility Studies. The main aim of a Feasibility Study is to take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s selling point, team efficiency, and operating model. Market research plays a very important role. Once, done, the resources are then taken into the evaluation to execute the right plan and the potentials for success. The components of Feasibility Studies include…

  • Market feasibility
    Do you see the potential market that is willing to know your business?
  • Economic feasibility
    What role do economic factors play in your business?
  • Financial feasibility
    Is your business ready for investments and returns?
  • Operational feasibility
    Are your internal resources stabilized?
  • Technical feasibility
    Is your business ready for the target market?
  • Competitive feasibility
    Would the competitive market accept your business?

It is very important to know the insights of your business in order to agree to the terms of creating a feasibility study.

How does MAGAS conduct the process of the feasibility study?

First, we focus on your internal operating module by conducting an interrogation with your business’s future management. We then consider the industry you specialize in and accordingly schedule market research to examine the ins and outs of it. The process to conduct market research includes…

  • Internet research
  • Studying trade publications
  • Examining the insights of industry organizations

During our feasibility studies procedure, our experts will recommend the most qualified options on the operating model that your business can implement for beneficial factors. Our main aim is to create a sharp eco-system for your business thoroughly via a feasibility study.

Allow MAGAS to be the assessment of the practicality of your proposed plan or method so we can help you size up your chances of success.

Our feasibility studies are objectively examined based on both quantitative and qualitative statistics, enabling clients to investigate the potential outcomes of a project before investing too much time and money, hence reducing risk significantly.

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