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Thinking on how to start your business in Dubai?
Thinking on how to start your business in Dubai?

There aren’t any boundaries set on who can become an exceptional entrepreneur. A university degree is not necessary; a bank account with a bunch of money or even a simple business experience to begin an idea that could become the next major success is fine. Nonetheless, what you do require is a vigorous plan and the drive to perceive it through. When you choose to do a company formation in Dubai, you need to know whether you are a sole trader, a partnership or a company.

To start a business setup in Dubai, it includes a lot of positive and negative compositions, some more exciting than others. The stratagem to achieving heights in getting your idea off the ground is to conscientiously planning and organizing your matter, prioritizing microscopically, and staying on top of the chart and performance of each and every one of these neutral compositions.

From getting registered with the government to getting the word out to the world about your business and to creating key financial decisions, MAGAS is here to provide you with an overview of what you'll require to do a booming business setup in UAE.

Once, the planning to set up a business is in format, the next stage is to take the big step. The first question to ask yourself when you're concerned about your business idea is whether it has a position in the market. Because the initial outlook in creating a feasible business plan is to understand the inceptive costs on basic steps to set up a business in Dubai. It is important to keep in mind the emolument involved in issuing a new trade license.


How to start a business in UAE’s free zones?

Do note that the chosen free zone areas have different start-up procedures and allowances. Most of the free zones require the business owners to have the least amount of capital if they are establishing the company or enterprise in the free zone areas as opposed to just opening a branch of an existing company. Another cost of running a business startup in Dubai or in a free zone is sponsoring your employees and providing them with the necessary visas and paperwork to allow them to reside in the UAE.

Trading companies should also keep on note the future costs of importing goods to the country. Dubai Customs has strict guidelines to the types of goods that can be brought in, as well as the capital of importing those goods. If the company will only be trading within the GCC, customs fees will be less expensive thanks to the newly established GCC common market, which promotes trade and employment among GCC nationals.

MAGAS, one of the business setup consultants in Dubai offers a useful tool which allows the budding business owners to analyze the fees involved in procuring their trade licenses. 


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