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MAGAS is one of the independent providers of business valuation services in Dubai
MAGAS is one of the independent providers of business valuation services in Dubai

A business valuation service for SME’s is influenced by a flock of factors such as the subjected company’s state of field, its mount of development and the fount of the invested capital. The various purposes for which business valuations are done, the impact of local governance rules and available valuation methods, in the leading growth tend to increase the valuation dispute of a business. This complexity, being on a priority note has driven MAGAS to bring in a standardized team of professionals which is incomparable in its specified industry expertise, amplitude of service lines and presence.

Understanding business valuation and reconstructing in Dubai


Business valuation entails a firm and stable grasp of both - how value has been generated earlier to the valuation date, and how it will be generated further in the future. The cornerstone of business valuation is the proficiency to learn in-depth of how an organization ploughs ideas or concepts and positions its invested capital, aiming to bring in the flow, the returns in profusion of its value of capital. The process of business valuation service for SME’s does not go along a single path, but rather many trails that vary by specific industry and the company’s status in its life cycle. Learning this flow of work is at the core of our boundless valuation experience, whether we are executing a valuation research for tax, financial reporting, strategic planning, business rebuilding, or valuation dispute and law suit purposes.


Measuring the value of business plan consulting company


Many have briefed business valuation as flair and body of knowledge. The scientific and logical facet brings together multiple approaches or techniques that are applied not only to valuation, but also to the growth of certain feeds into the measurement (e.g. value of capital, discounts, etc). The valuation methods, commonly used include the cost, trade or income implementations. The flair followed by most of the business valuation companies in Dubai lies in the enforcement to use the feeds in an appropriate and an effective manner, utilizing standardized judgment.


How do we lead in one of the top business valuation firms?


We stitch the liberty of our business valuations to our customer’s determined needs and the motive of the engagement. When relevant, our valuation statements and serves a complete thesis of the organization, production, economy; details value drivers; silhouettes the research performed, along with the inserts and suppositions; and integrates detailed exhibits that props up our valuation wind-ups.




MAGAS being one of the top business valuation firms, in a routine manner accommodates clients with the valuation of businesses as well as substantial and insubstantial strengths and compound, tough to value securities. Our knowledgeable nerds have the prowess and experience to content any business or asset valuation needs. 


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