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Business Valuation
It is important to know that a complete understanding of the value of your business is an important factor. The study of this understanding will be beneficial in making decisions for the future of your business. Business Value = (Revenue attained – Expenses spent) x (Growth achieved – Risk taken)
We have listed the likely scenarios which result in having an in-depth study of your business, they are:
  • Potential process of selling off subsidiary business interests or investments strategy
  • Internal sales of valuation
  • Value participation
  • Restructure of business body
  • Formation of Return on Investment analysis
  • Strategic business planning and writing
MAGAS provides a variety of investment services to support clients in making successful transactions in buying and selling businesses and assets, and raising funds.
We recognize, examine and act on your business’s growth turn. To begin with deal roots, MAGAS walks with you to study your investment programme and, with our global reach and experience, we assist you to examine and study potential acquisition and targets. In regards to deal execution, we consult you from the start – how to work on your growth strategy, raising your sales workflow, reducing any value critics, and examining and understanding the right targets to pitch.
  • Searching the right investment
  • Business Planning and Advisory
  • Financial modelling
  • Bidding strategy
At MAGAS, our deal officers make the deal sourcing procedure convenient and quick for you. Our database consists of different financers
  • Investment bankers
  • Private equity firms
  • Business owners
  • Strategic buyers
  • Strategic Advisors
At MAGAS, our deal officers’ source the best structure for having an appropriate investment deal. Deal structuring is a critical process and is quite complex. We consider every aspect of structuring a deal in its best form and craft a mutually beneficial transaction between both the parties by recognizing
  • Legal regulations
  • Tax settings
  • Business consequences
Our officers have evaluated the three methods for deal structuring – Merger, Asset buy & sell, and Stock purchase. We outline the laws and obligations of/for both the parties (and their attorneys too). An apt formation of a deal leads to a successful investment deal. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.
Due diligence is an analysis or audit of a potential investment to confirm all facts, such as evaluating the financial records, plus any deemed material. You can simply rely on us to be the right choice for such factors. Our experts offer a detailed analysis and due diligence reports that act as a very crucial part in forming key decisions and business consultations. MAGAS provides Due Diligence services that serves businesses for various purposes
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Strategic Investments
Thoroughly evaluating each investment, broker and money manager before handing over your money can protect you from tragic loss and help you make more profitable, informed investment decisions. We at MAGAS, customise our due diligence services as per your business needs. Our focus combines various factors by providing you with
Mergers & Acquisitions is defined as unification or consolidation between two parties or assets using different types of capital transactions. At MAGAS, depending on the type of deal, we source the right capital transactions
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Consolidations
  • Tender offers
  • Asset purchase
  • Management Acquisitions
MAGAS believes that Sustainability Testing and Analysis supports a business with an opportunity to evaluate a product, package or a service with the evolving practices and regulations on the basis of
Sustainability testing & analysis elements and evolving practices examine the effect of products, packaging and its proceedings on environmental, social and economic performance. MAGAS leverages the elements and practices to determine and keep a track on the improvements, expands research and development, and takes the most appropriate sustainability decisions
  • Sustainability
  • Performance
  • Quality
Sensitivity Analysis is implemented to evaluate the project management and profitability forecasts. We’re the ideal platform to take this technique further for you.
We at MAGAS offer an insight into how your investment strategy needs to be structured. We use the sensitivity analysis method to compare investment models by experimenting how profitability relies on underlying model data or other assumptions. We use this method to understand any investment activity or process.
If the liveliness of your project is under disturbance due to the changing proposition of underlying variables, you need to consider Sensitivity Analysis for your firm. This technique will help you determine whether your project is worth to proceed in the market.
Fund Management is linked with organizing or managing the cash flows of a financial institution. At MAGAS, fund management is the responsibility of the fund managers. They evaluate the maturity schedules of the loans provided and received deposits in order to sustain the asset-liability structure.
We at MAGAS offer an insight into how your investment strategy needs to be structured. We use the sensitivity analysis method to compare investment models by experimenting how profitability relies on underlying model data or other assumptions. We use this method to understand any investment activity or process.
Under the roof of Capital services, MAGAS widely covers several types of fund management processes that sustains the value of an entity. It is applicable to investment management which is also termed as tangible and intangible assets.
Setting up a business in the UAE, can be a demanding experience with multiple benefits but considering the risk factors, MAGAS strongly recommends you to have your business plan ready. It’s no secret that setting up a business in the UAE is a challenging step. However, one thing to have as a strong legal source for starting your business are the right funds. If you do not have the right funds to consider the very first step, the UAE market can get difficult and demanding to build your empire.
At MAGAS, our capital team works in their best form to support you to begin your journey in a genuine manner with Fundraising and other services. Fundraising is described as a complex act for a business cycle. Raising the right amount of funds for your business is a time-consuming act yet MAGAS does it as per your time standards. We source the most genuine funding investors. There are multiple ways of Fundraising for your business. Whether you’re just a seed or a growing plant in the market, depending on the category, our profile has the best choices for you
  • We find the right investor
  • We Build the right business plan to help you raise the funds by yourself
  • We help you get a business loan from the right source
  • Crowdfunding
  • Incubator funding
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