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The experienced Business Advisers at MAGAS offers services to help your business grow.
The experienced Business Advisers at MAGAS offer the following services to help your business grow.
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Business Structuring
  • Business Formation and Setup
  • Business Valuations
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Management Consultancy
  • Succession planning (specifically for family-run businesses)
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Feasibility Studies and Research
  • KPI Identification
  • Business Marketing
MAGAS specializes in assisting Business Plans for multiple purposes.
  • Business Plans for Start-ups- When you are looking to start your business from the scratch, we will not only help you with a guide to work but also will provide you with an access to understand and analyse the risks. The accountants at MAGAS will guide you to study the business costs and its functional costs. We will help you to determine the growth of your business by helping you understand the market before you become fully committed
  • Financial Business Plans- A business plan is to be taken into formation by most of the financial institutes when applying for finance is considered. This enables firmness, growth and risk management. We perceive the significance of funding which is often expected to be quick and punctual and assure that all the essential information is documented.
Our Brand Building Strategy includes
  • Getting the right name and purpose to your brand
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Competitor Research and Analysis
  • Brand Refresh or Rebrand Strategy
Our Tax consulting services include the following
  • Due Diligence accession
  • Tax-effective positioning and structuring for start-ups and SME’s
  • Commercial Tax Planning
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Tax-effective distributions
  • Business succession planning and structuring
  • Off-shore and On-shore Tax planning and Structuring
  • Year-end Tax planning
  • VAT filing and registration
  • Taxation solutions
The components of Feasibility Studies include
  • Market feasibility- Do you see the potential market that is willing to know your business?
  • Economic feasibility- What role does economic factors play in your business?
  • Financial feasibility- Is your business ready for investments and returns?
  • Operational feasibility- Are your internal resources stabilized?
  • Technical feasibility- Is your business ready for the target market?
  • Competitive feasibility- Would the competitive market accept your business?
Our Management Consulting and Business Advisory Services offer the following assistance
  • Guidance in implementing various techniques for raising the business revenue and profit
  • Analysis on supplier arrangements in order to shrink the costs
  • Business planning and strategy to recognize the business goal
  • Evaluating the market to develop various effective marketing motions
  • Amplifying business’s pricing strategy and module
  • Assessing and promoting the products and services
  • KPI tracking and measuring the impact accordingly
At MAGAS, the key elements to a Joint Venture or a strategic Alliance are
  • Evaluating the parties being involved
  • Considering the operational scope of a Joint venture arrangement
  • Assessing the workflow and contribution of each party
  • Legal regulations
  • Drafting the mandates (after deal completion)
  • Assessing the management of the deal
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