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What is Service Media? | Service Media | MAGAS
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What is Service Media? | Service Media | MAGAS

What is Service Media?

Explaining Service Media in Simple Terms:

                      When you are a Business Founder and you are looking for Services and facilities to fulfil the objectives of your Business, be it revenue or market share, you are in the right place if you choose Service Media amidst the plethora of Service tools and Service strategies available online. Service Media facilitates Lead Generation and Services Delivery at the fraction of the cost involved in operating your sales process which includes converting your leads into potential customers. The term Service Media is a proprietary concept developed by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Alan Gomes of MAGAS. Services, his brain child that has strong roots in facilitating transactional Businesses across geographical boundaries connecting the Gulf Co-operation Council Countries and India. The activities that monetize all your business efforts are abundant in this Service Media Platform.                     

How has the MAGAS Service Media Platform evolved into a platform for transactional businesses?

                 To answer the question, let us get an insight into how MAGAS. Services has helped businesses fulfil their lead generation requirements and gaps in services delivery.  Already numerous businesses and professionals are listed in this Service Media platform and the manifold opportunities that arises due to listing the businesses on the Platform, have been utilized and operational deals of all sizes and values have been transacted. Businesses leverage this integrated platform for collaboration by listing their Small and Medium Businesses and their growing entrepreneurship ventures by becoming a premium listed business for a nominal fee. The benefits listed below are the services availed in the Service Media Platform that would promote growth and a nurturing ecosystem of support for the businesses listed in the platform:

     -For every premium listing of business, you get your profile custom made for you by availing our expert services which gains your business, visibility and the much-needed attention in this competitive scenario, and help you stand strong amidst your peers and stakeholders.  

     -Vital information that your customer needs for differentiating your services from the others would be displayed on the Service Media Platform by the aid of MAGAS Advertising solutions.

     -A campaign containing a set of classified advertising targeted to the right segment is a boon to your marketing efforts.

Facilitating Customer Engagement Through Service Media

                       Your sales strategies would definitely be successful, as you will be enabled to catch in on the multifarious opportunities of listing your business in an online Service Media platform.  This is much more than what Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram could offer you in-terms of monetizing your Opportunities in a comparatively more transparent manner in Service Media than in Social Media.  Customer engagement can be propelled by linking your profile to your Official website. Verified businesses who are interested will approach you in the platform to do business with you and hence the inbound traffic generated is very organic and unimaginable in today’s scenario profound with difficulties in generating organic incoming leads.

Professionals Reap in the Benefits of the Services facilitated by MAGAS Service Media Platform:

                  The world is now in the hands of qualified professionals who would shape up this decade, in this millennium, in this situation, deeply affected by the Covid-19 scenario. The method followed by the job seekers who are on the lookout for opportunities in the GCC and India have evolved in the recent times.  By listing your professional profile in the MAGAS Service Media platform, you would get your very own dashboard and a comprehensive platform to sell your skills. Your dream, full time, freelancing or remote opportunity is very much within your grasp. Let us have a quick glance at the other additional benefits that a Professional has in this Service Media Platform.

     -Conceptual whitepapers of your subject domain if advertised on the platform, would give you the benefit of publishing them and leveraging on the organic leads that you generate as an additional benefit.

     -Businesses outsource some of their processes and to gain this outsourced work, professionals have an option called Pro-Direct listing for making an everlasting relationship with a business for outsourcing business.

     -Pro Agent is a facility for job seekers who also have an option to navigate through jobs by listing their entire profile or displaying only what is required and, in some cases, even in confidential incognito mode.

                        Influencers and Affiliate opportunities in this Service Media Platform allow for a mutually beneficial relationship with MAGAS. Services, where you trade not only in business but also leads and other services that would add value to both the businesses involved. Be an integral part of this legacy that is Service Media that empowers you to create a win-win for your brand identity. The brand equity under which MAGAS Service Media operates is a confluence of Lead Generation and Service Delivery that utilizes the benefits of shared economy by tapping on the unrealised potential that facilitates businesses to be sustainable in the long-run.  

A Quick Overview on what is Service Media:

                     Service Media are a set of Services that operationalizes your Business strategy with lead generation and Services Delivery. The benefits of listing your business at MAGAS Service Media Platform are the opportunities for transactions and deals and business visibility across geographical boundaries connecting India and the GCC. Small & Medium Businesses, Professionals, Influencers and Entrepreneurs are all empowered with the valuable resources that are made available in this Service Media Platform that enables growth and definite success in your niche. 


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