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Steps to help You find the best Financial Advisor for your needs
Steps to help You find the best Financial Advisor for your needs

Understanding Financial Advisory in simple terms

What classifies a Financial Advisor as a life breath of a business is the capacity of a Financial Advisor to make or break the revenue bottom line of a business. Through predictive analysis, Financial Advisors are able to see beyond what a business founder can encapsulate on paper. By preparing the balance sheets and fund flow statements correctly keeping in mind that the exact numbers for cost versus profits arrived at, are always practised with fairmindedness. What is pertinent for a Financial Advisor is providing services much beyond preparing paperwork. Actual pertinent advice and guidance on all the Financial matters of a business is the much-needed expertise of a Financial Advisor. Experts in Finance who provide investment planning, stock broking, properties management, tax planning, Corporate advisory, portfolio management and many more for Financial problem solving can fulfil the needs of a business for profitability.

Why does your Business need Financial Advisory Services?

Some think that Financial Advisory Services are meant for businesses in the big league, but what is actually true is that whatever be the nature or size or stage of your business, Financial Advisory services will help you identify the bottlenecks and troubleshoot your problem areas thereby bringing clarity to your business. StartUps that are in the nascent stage need financial planning for their long-term goals to be achieved. Small and Medium Businesses need to be compliant to the Government laws and abide by the tax regulations. A business can operate only on the basis of the legal framework of the Government, be it in India or UAE and hence Advocates in UAE and in India who are well aware of the Government policy and local laws are an asset to any business. Hence Financial advisory services which abides Your business to the policies, legal and tax frameworks of the countries you operate in, are the need of the hour.

Finding the best Financial Advisor in UAE and in India

A financial advisor who keeps the intentions and goals of the client first and not making money for themselves as the primary goal are a rare find. MAGAS. Services, brings honesty and integrity to the table and gives primary importance to the client intentions and goals and the rest takes the back seat. MAGAS. Services are one of the most pertinent Financial Advisors in UAE and Advocates in UAE as they deliver financial advisory services in the countries of the Gulf cooperation Council and in India abiding to the laws of the land. If your look to find better avenues and opportunities in GCC and India, availing the Financial advisory services of MAGAS. Services to make your business flourish in situations of uncertainty is a boon to your small business or your StartUp. MAGAS. Services has time and again proved that Financial Advisory services is not only for the elite few and has made Financial advisory accessible to every business irrespective of its financial status without disparity. Listing your business at MAGAS. Services is the action required to avail the Financial Advisory Services offered to improve your business manifold times.

MAGAS. Services is your go-to destination for clarity in Finance

With the implementation of VAT regulations from 2018 in UAE and in GCC, MAGAS. Services has successfully done financial planning and advisory to many businesses and has singlehandedly helped them cross the hurdles and troubleshoot problem areas by identifying bottlenecks in running the businesses thereby bringing business clarity. With the task of all the financial functions being handled by MAGAS. Services, businesses can now focus on achieving their core vision.

A synopsis for the step-by-step process to find the best Financial Advisor

To arrive at the steps to find the best Financial Advisor in UAE and in India it is important to find a Financial advisor who would put client goals to the forefront and perform the financial functions of investment, portfolio and tax planning coupled with abiding to the policy framework of the country in which the business is operating out of. MAGAS. Services are an expert Financial Advisor in UAE and advocates in UAE and in India and are always keen on improving your business with a focus on exemplary return on investments.


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