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MAGAS is the top business advisory and strategy boutique firm in the UAE.
MAGAS is the top business advisory and strategy boutique firm in the UAE.

Magas - Service Media is a platform that empowers low-cost startups and small-medium enterprises across India and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) to independently connect with other businesses for purchasing and selling of their services, thus increasing the employment and economy significantly.

The needs of people in business, startups, entrepreneurs and marketers are addressed and taken into consideration by Magas Services, and efficient methods to confront them are given. With the help of this service, new startups, small businesses, etc., get the necessary support and recognition from the service providers already listed on the platform. Thus, improving their chances of enhancing their business.

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What is the purpose of Magas Services?

What are the services offered in Magas?


What is the purpose of Magas Services?

The main idea envisioned for Magas is to create countless opportunities for newbies and professionals to build their ideas for a compounding effect. For example, Magas is a platform with an open database available, making it more affordable for entrepreneurs of all capacities to avail of professional services like business advisory, marketing, financial, corporate services, etc. 

Magas is an online destination for high valued B2B and professional services marketing that facilitates lead generation. It is dedicated to solving the biggest challenges in lead generation and service delivery. It connects with businesses and professionals across various geographies and industries to fulfil your business needs with cost-effective solutions arising from a shared economy and idle resources. 

What are the services offered in Magas?

Getting your business started is just half the journey. The market is competitive, and to keep your business going, you need to rely on various support and services like tech, advertising, marketing, maintenance, content writing, planning, etc. Magas is your one-stop destination to avail all these services. Magas' top priority is quality, trusted services across fields, companies, industries, and across countries too. 

Below are a few B2B services that Magas offers to help boost your business:

Business Advisory

Brand Consultancy

Feasibility Studies

Strategic Alliance

Business Plan Writing

Tax Consultancy

Management Consultancy



Corporate Finance

Legal Advisory

Human Resources 




IT Services

Technology Solutions


With Magas, you can list your business by creating an excellent business profile to connect to your customer online. It also provides several ways for your customer to reach you. First, business opportunities, as well as new investments, are provided by Magas. This platform enables entrepreneurial energy and allows new entrants to build their businesses with its unique services.

By using Magas' wide-ranging network and professional help, you are sure to find several business opportunities at the earliest! All in all, Magas makes your efforts and ideas count and amplifies your business. It is undoubtedly the top business advisory and strategy boutique in the UAE. 

So what's the wait? Start managing your business profile on today and give customers reasons to choose you every time!


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