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How To Set Up A Local Business Listing
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How To Set Up A Local Business Listing

Got a business and afraid it won’t take off? The key is to identify the right target, without having to take several shots in the dark. Unlike other business listing sites, MAGAS identifies and contains all the right targets you could possibly need. All that we need from you is a leap of faith – one that won’t cost you very much at all!

So, with the minimum amount of effort required from your end, go ahead, and create a business listing in the ‘bizz’ section. Upload as many photos, brochures and offers as you can to explain your business and give the viewer as clear of a picture as you can. Your profile is your space, and the face of your business. You may therefore create it as you wish to appear to your audience. Do bear in mind, sometimes it helps to only display a certain type of skill – the service that is your biggest strength, one that you’d like to find clients for.

MAGAS is a platform with a business directory for all skill types and business from all across the world. However, inorder to build a local clientele, you need to create a local business listing that fits into our local business directory. This enables you to connect quicker and primarily with clients that are in the same region. Additionally, when creating your local listing, try and adhere to the preset list of skills and services that is made available to you. This is only so clients can find you faster under uniform local listings using common search tools. Here’s a tip: look through the high demands in your region, for a skill or a service that’s as close to the one you can offer. Now go on and include it in your local business listing. You should be able to network and build a rapport with clients in no time!

Whether it is online or on ground – networking is done best and is the most effective when you establish yourself among clients right from where you are based. This is an age-old fact that holds true till today. That being said, we have programmed our website to do the same and help you connect with clients mostly in your region. MAGAS is always dedicated to bringing you services that can be used most organically, while giving you a platform that has a wide reach by using the right new-age technology and service media


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