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How Many Types Of Trade Licenses In Dubai?
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How Many Types Of Trade Licenses In Dubai?

Dubai, a thriving global business hub, attracts entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. At the core of setting up a business in Dubai lies the pivotal requirement of obtaining a trade license. Understanding the nuances of the various trade license categories is essential for navigating the regulatory landscape. This comprehensive guide explores the diverse types of trade licenses available in Dubai, shedding light on their characteristics, eligibility criteria, and permitted business activities.

Commercial Trade License

Definition and Scope: The commercial trade license is a broad category covering businesses engaged in trading activities, including buying and selling goods. It is the most common type of trade license and is suitable for a wide range of trading businesses.

Eligibility and Permitted Activities: Any business involved in buying or selling goods locally or internationally is eligible for a commercial trade license. Permitted activities include retail and wholesale trading, import and export, and general trading operations.

Professional Trade License

Definition and Characteristics: The professional trade license caters to individuals and businesses offering professional services. This category is suitable for professionals in fields such as consultancy, legal services, and accounting.

Eligibility and Approved Activities: Professionals such as doctors, engineers, consultants, and legal advisors can obtain a professional trade license. Approved activities include providing specialized services, consultancy, and other professional services.

Industrial Trade License

Overview: Businesses involved in manufacturing and industrial activities require an industrial trade license. This category is specific to companies engaged in production and manufacturing processes.

Criteria and Covered Activities: To be eligible for an industrial trade license, a business must be engaged in manufacturing or industrial activities. This includes the production of goods, processing, and other industrial operations.

Tourism Trade License

Definition and Purpose: The tourism trade license is designed for businesses in the tourism sector. This includes travel agencies, tour operators, and other entities facilitating tourism-related services.

Eligibility and Permitted Activities: Businesses offering tourism-related services, such as travel agencies, tour operators, and holiday planners, can obtain a tourism trade license. Permitted activities cover a wide range of services in the tourism industry.

E-commerce License

Emergence of E-commerce in Dubai: With the growth of online businesses, Dubai introduced the e-commerce license to regulate and support digital commerce activities.

Eligibility and Scope: Businesses engaged in online trading, e-commerce, and digital platforms are eligible for an e-commerce license. This category covers a spectrum of online business activities.

General Trading License

Definition and Characteristics: The general trading license is suitable for businesses involved in a wide range of trading activities. It offers flexibility for companies engaged in diverse trading operations.

Eligibility and Scope: Businesses with a focus on general trading, involving a variety of products and services, are eligible for a general trading license. This category allows companies to engage in multiple trading activities.

Freelance Permit

Introduction to Freelance Permits: Recognizing the rise of freelancers and independent professionals, Dubai introduced the freelance permit for individuals offering freelance services.

Eligibility and Activities: Freelancers in various fields, including writing, design, and consulting, can obtain a freelance permit. This allows individuals to work independently within the regulatory framework.


In conclusion, navigating the diverse types of trade licenses in Dubai requires a thorough understanding of each category's characteristics and requirements. Choosing the right trade license is a critical decision that aligns with the nature of the business. As Dubai continues to evolve as a global business destination, businesses and entrepreneurs can leverage the diverse trade license options to unlock their full potential in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city.



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