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How would eMedica- complement the medicines to be more effective on human body

How does medication enter the bloodstream? The vast majority of medications are taken orally and are broken down within the gastrointestinal tract. Once the medication arrives, it is broken down by stomach acids before it passes through the liver and then enters the bloodstream.

Does the fat deposit cause a problem for medicine to reach the blood cell ?

Could enhancing the cell charge of the organ allow the organ to function more better and be allow the medicines to be more effective?

Electricity is everywhere, even in the human body. our entire body is electrified, our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents. Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel.

Could a diffuse cell be a cancer cell?

A Defused cell takes electrical charge from other cells, which may increase the risk of cancer cell growth. The fatty tissue in overweight people produces adipokines at higher levels. These hormones may cause inflammation, another risk factor for cancer.

Could blood fat be the cause Cardiac Arrest

Blood fat can change your blood's consistency, The excess blood fat would cause less runny and more of a thick, viscous consistency. As a result, your extremities might get numb and certain organs may suffer because blood isn't easily flowing to them, A heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. The blockage is most often a build-up of fat, cholesterol, and other substances, which form a plaque in the arteries that feed the heart coronary arteries.

Could long term medication cause kidney failure

Long-term use of blood pressure drugs may cause kidney damage, study suggests. Summary: New kidney research is raising concerns that long-term use of ACE inhibitors and other drugs commonly prescribed to treat high-blood pressure and heart failure could be contributing to kidney damage.


eMedica device uses the specific program (as pre-programmed & fed in the device), the specified frequency, voltage & current.

1.     Enhancing the Cell charge with specific voltages and frequency Interns to improve the function of the organ

2.     Burning the blood fat from the of the cell using mild current Allows the insulin to reach the cell Allows the medicine to reach the blood cell ,reduces blood fat reduces chances of cardiac arrest improves blood circulation, A mild current exposed to virus or bacteria could destroy (Virus & Bacteria)

3.     Enhancing the blood cell charge infusing negative electrons Would improve the cell charge, improve oxygen levels within the cells reduce clumping of the cells Reduce the chances of Cancer

4.     Constant use of E Medica would reduce the stress levels of the medication Interns to save your Kidney.

Please note E Medica is a great support system for a Patient for medicines to reach the blood cell Prevent from Cancer, Reduces possibilities of Cardiac Arrest , Improves Blood flow Reduces the stress of Medication interns reduces chances of Kidney Failure


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