Published 2023-09-10 06:34:25

Digital Marketing Consultant in India
By Ranjith Kumar , India assets/flags/flag-of-India.png
Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Are you looking for someone expert to set up a highly-converting Facebook and Instagram ad campaign and manage it? I'm so passionate about running creative and optimized Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to reach potential customers for your products or services in your company or individual business. Services I offer: -Creation of a Business Manager account and ad account; -Setting up a successful Facebook and Instagram ads campaign; -High-quality Traffic Ads Campaign Campaign management and optimization Retargeting and lookalike campaigns Pixel setup; targeted audience research; competitor's analysis * 100% satisfaction is my priority. Requirements: *You have to make me an advertiser in your Facebook Ads Manager and editor of your Facebook page. You have to pay for the ad. Many Thanks

If you are interested, then please give me a brief description of your product with a website link. Contact me before placing an order. You can also change your bid and replace it with a new one. 


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