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Deal Synopsis      

With decades of experience in alternative energy and having previously designed the world’s largest vertical axis wind turbine, the Project Energy team is a leading force in renewable energy. The company holds significant value in IP which are patents in vertical axis wind turbine pitch blade mechanism valued at $40M. The company intends to utilize the funds raised to acquire two companies in the Intelligent LED products and Digital Intelligence space which will bring in revenues that exceed $6.0M and provide opportunities to buy and build revenues from further acquisitions with a significant boost to assets and IP.


The company intends to design, manufacture and then market Vertical Axis wind turbines (VAWT) technology in the market for the utilization of renewable energy. Project Energy has the vision to make Project Energy vertical axis wind turbines a significant contributor to the Global Green Energy supply portfolio, with environmentally friendly and sustainable energy power systems for off-grid facilities, and an affordable renewable energy option in utility power generation application for rural electrification in the developing nations where there is an absence of conventional power sources including a grid.


Investment Highlights        

  • This is an excellent opportunity for investors to invest in and organization which will have a footprint in both the renewable energy market and be a first mover in the digital based relevance and LIFI technology space.
  • Within 30 days of securing the funds Project Energy will uplist from the OTC Market Bulleting Board to OTC Markets Quotation Board following the acquisition of with treasury stock. This will give Project Energy a minimum of 5 Market Makers that will support its stock in the market which will have a positive impact on its market capitalization.           


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