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Multilingual Translation

Multilingual Translation

MAGAS provides end-to-end services for legal attestation in the UAE. The inclusions in the services include…

  • Government
  • Private Company
  • Education

Our team understands the importance of your crucial documents and hence, thrives to take the process quick and easy. We handle the entire process from the start to the end. The attestation process will also include having the essential trips done to the embassy of your country.

Most of the foreign governments demand the legalised attestation of the functionary documents before having them implemented for various purposes. The procedures for attestation can differ depending on the type of document and the country. Considering multiple legal factors, our team has studied the guidelines and can provide you with the standardised quality of attestation services. We make sure, your documents are secured and valued. At every step, right from you handing your documents to us to gate passing it through every step, our specialised team will make sure to keep you updated.

There are collective business or personal purposes to why would you require to get the attestation done in the UAE. We have listed some below…

  • Visa or Passport Issuance
  • Visa applications, work status change, etc.
  • (WES) World Education Services verification
  • (IQAS) International Qualifications Assessment verification

And more…

MAGAS is an innovative one-stop-service providers for the attestation and legalisation of all crucial documents for you in the United Arab Emirates.



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