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Winner BEST Emerging Business Platform 2019 Middle East
MAGAS participated in the GCC ENTERPRISEAWARDS 2019. The judging panel made their final decisions and we are delighted to inform you of the outcome. ....
October 6, 2019
MAGAS wins MEA Markets - UAE Business Awards
MAGAS participated in the UAE Business Awards 2019. The judging panel made their final decisions and we are delighted to inform you of the outcome. ....
August 21, 2019
Do you face this complication, too?
So, we’ve got a complication. And it's one that we've noticed repeatedly through the months. We've supported many amazing entrepreneurs build their businesses around the globe. What exact....
August 13, 2019
Find ‘people for jobs’, not ‘jobs for people’
Headhunting is deployed by recruiters or individuals to fill up vacancies in various companies. They start searching by first developing a clear understanding of the required candidate’s profile,....
January 24, 2019
Is your Neighbourhood Marketing going well?
Have you ever wondered why it's so easy to think of an idea, but hard to execute it? ....
August 13, 2019
Thinking on how to start your business in Dubai?
There aren’t any boundaries set on who can become an exceptional entrepreneur. A university degree is not neces....
January 24, 2019
MAGAS is one of the independent providers of business valuation services in Dubai
  A business valuation service for SME’s is influenced by a flock of factors such as the subjected company’s state....
January 24, 2019
What can a bookkeeper and an accountant, together, do for your business?
If you don’t yet have a cape to your Superman, it might be time for ....
February 10, 2019
Are the top audit firms in Dubai giving you the future of assurance?
You may not think of your external auditor in terms of the....
January 24, 2019
Difficulty in understanding what VAT exactly is and brings to you on the table in the UAE?
No worries! We’ve got the details covered for you.....
February 24, 2019