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Joint Ventures
By User dev , Haiti
Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Joint Venture in other terms is strategic alliance which is defined as drafting a business agreement between two or more parties and their acceptance to bank their resources for a win-win relation towards a specific project or a business activity.

At MAGAS, the key elements to a Joint Venture or a strategic Alliance are…

  • Evaluating the parties being involved
  • Considering the operational scope of a Joint venture arrangement
  • Assessing the workflow and contribution of each party
  • Legal regulations
  • Drafting the mandates (after deal completion)
  • Assessing the management of the deal

Although this objective can take on a number of visions and levels of formalities depending upon the terms of the agreement, the overall goal is to promote a mutually-benefited growth by implementing the key elements in the right way. MAGAS guides businesses on the various aspects of developing a successful joint venture by using proven elements for success.


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