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All about Moonlighting and MAGAS!
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All about Moonlighting and MAGAS!

The term Moonlighting is used when an employee takes up a second job after work hours to earn more money or brush up on skills. Usually, the company employee engages in dual employment mostly covertly. It is common practice that allows people to have a secondary source of income. After the pandemic, some companies supported it, while others had to implement strict policies against it.

This is where MAGAS proves to be a supportive and helpful platform. MAGAS is the right place for individuals and startups needing a secondary income source or simply looking to earn more. Let’s read about how MAGAS provides several opportunities for employees, startups, business and entrepreneurs who are looking for more.

Table of contents:

●   Does MAGAS support moonlighting?

●   Benefits of moonlighting.

●   How is moonlighting affecting businesses worldwide?

Does MAGAS support moonlighting?


MAGAS Services provides an ecosystem for service buyers and services sellers to grow significantly in the business world. MAGAS has everything from starting your business to taking legal consultation or speaking with advisors and making power moves! But the benefits don’t just stop there. If you’re looking for a secondary source of income or an extra job you are interested in, you have all the freedom to go and pursue that as well. For MAGAS, moonlighting is the messiah of people who want to earn the bucks on ethical terms. At MAGAS businesses can sign up and hire experienced workforce or collaborate with top of the line industry professionals.

With MAGAS you do not have to be stealthy about your business decisions. Instead, we are here to help you grow as individuals and take your ventures ahead. You can surf through our platform and look for opportunities that suit you best and fit your interests as well. 

Moonlighting Pros & Cons.


1.  Building a better network - You get the opportunity to expand your network of colleagues and business associates through moonlighting. Those workers who suddenly find themselves without their primary source of income can rely on the power of their expanded network to land a great new job.

2.  Expanding opportunities - A new job can provide a fresh perspective and introduce workers to a new industry. Learning about a new sector can also provide workers with expanded opportunities for additional employment.

3.  Learn additional skills - There are many different ways to grow your skills and keep them up to date, but moonlighting can help you earn while you learn. Not only will your income increase, you will also make yourself competitive at your primary job.

How is moonlighting affecting businesses worldwide?


The primary concern is data and confidentiality breaches and loss of productivity. Some companies may demand full-time attention, even off-hours. Most companies are against this practice, saying employees doing multiple jobs can impact productivity.

It is a significant concern for organizations and may impact the business. But with MAGAS, you do not need to worry, as we have our premium services and an Elite Network, which can integrate with you to get an earning boost. Individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs who work on demand are welcome at MAGAS. If you have permission to take an extra job or are looking to associate with premium clients and customers, MAGAS is here for you and your organization.

To know more about the benefits of being a part of MAGAS and its services, click on sign up for free!


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